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Web marketing solutions company
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The two big search engines, Google (Makes up 46% of searches) and Yahoo (Makes up 22% of searches) This is how we help you improve your ranking with the major search engines:

Home Page Keywords – Prominently list the main keywords on your home page starting at the top left-hand side of the page in a text format. The search engines look for these keywords starting at the top left hand side and move down line by line, reading from left to right. Words that are part of an image will not be recognized.

Title lines – Make sure that your Title Line, Meta Tag Description and Meta Tag Keywords (These are embedded into the HTML script of your website) have the main keywords that you want people to search for. We can help you with this.

Keyword Frequency – A search engine will also look at how often a keyword is listed on your page. The keyword needs to appear naturally in the text. You can’t just put a keyword 20 times, right after each other. The search engines will eliminates those.

Links – Find other websites, that you would consider to be a support to your website and not a competitor, to link to your site. Remember , the more popular sites that link to you, the greater the ranking you’ll receive to your website.

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It is not about JUST BEING on-line…. It is being FOUND on-line!!!

Where is Your Web Site?? Search Engine Ranking: Google, Yahoo, MSN … If you're not in the Top 20, you’re probably losing business!! < Go HERE

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