What is Methodology

Methodology is a documented and systematic approach that technology firms take to identify, organize, and transfer business processes into quality applications.

Why do we need methodology?

Methodologies enable us to:

  • Maintain an effective communication with the client
  • Implement customer focused development
  • Implement necessary changes and resolve conflicts in a professional manner.
  • Develop and deliver high quality applications
  • Deliver the project in scheduled time
  • Identify and analyze current and future needs of our customers, and the priority levels of these needs. Implementing a systematic process makes future enhancement on the project easier.

Below is Process Defined from start to end of the project:

Learn initially about the business, process, brand, image, goals, competition, ads, strategy, collateral, team, contract, deposit, etc.

Learn more about style preferences, required features, technical needs, etc. Consult. Brainstorm. Collect logos, photos, collateral, and existing content

Develop sitemap, design site strategy, design graphical user interface layouts for home page & secondary pages, while client works on content.

Review & approve graphical layouts.
Revise layouts if necessary.
Final approval of layouts before html.

Slice and optimize graphics for web, develop html templates, placing content in pages, coding Javascript, html & Flash. Very little client involvement here.

Final proofing by client and upload site & Publish : make live.

Submit to search engines, documentation, training, maintenance, upgrades, and performance review.